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Moon Magic
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The Moon has been worshiped for centuries. Its powerful pull on the world is seen as proof of its magickal powers. The moon is more than light in the night sky. It affects weather,create tides and will influence earthquakes. Traditions across the world links the moon with maddness. Since the human body is made up of 80% of water, then we are under her spell as well, as the earth.



Moon Lore

There are lots of old sayings and legends about the moon
But I wanted to share this section with you in a way
that you can actually plan the things you normally do
so here you'll find the best times to do various things

Auto repair....New Moon to Waxing Moon
Baking...Dough rises higher and bread is lighter during New Moon to Waxing Moon
Clip Nails during full or waning moon to increase growth
Brewing{ beer } full moon to waning moon
Excavate, lay foundations, pour cement ...full moon
canning and preserves ....full moon to waning moon
Dental care....
pull teethe only during new moon to waxing moon avoid full moon
Fillings .... full moon to waning moon
Start diet to loose weight.... full moon to waning moon
Eyes tested or getting moon to waxing moon
fence post & poles....full moon to waning moon date to end....full moon to waning moon
Hair care....
cutting hair.... encourage growth Full moon/ discourage New moon
Perms & hair color.... new moon
Buy a new moon
look for lost moon
Cutting grass/ hay.... new moon to waxing moon to increase growth
full moon to waning moon to discourage growth
painting buildings/ homes..... full moon to waning moon
Shingling roofs.... full moon to waning moon
advertising.... new moon to waxing moon
Buying a business.... waning moon
buying clothing.... new moon to waxing moon
start a law moon to waxing moon, if seeking a court date to avoid payment, full moon to waning moon
new moon to waxing favors the lender
full moon to waning moon favors the borrower
signing contracts.... waxing moon
hire.... new moon to waxing moon
fire....waning moon avoid full moon
easiest to handle during new moon or waxing moon avoid full moon
buy....during new moon to waxing moon
bring home new pets.... new moon
slaughter for food....full moon til 3 days after
eggs should be set, and animals breed so that young hatch or are moon to waxing moon
composting.... start during waning moon
cultivating.... waning moon
cutting timber.... full moon to waning moon
drying crops.... waning moon
organic { always prefer } Full moon to waning moon
chemical { please use with caution ;-( } new moon to waxing moon
grafting plants.... new moon to waxing moon
root crops.... full moon to waning moon
Grains.... just after full moon
Fruits.... full moon to waning moon
Mushrooms.... full moon
to retard growth.... full moon to waning moon
to encourage growth.... new moon to waxing moon
Spraying for pests.... waning moon
transplanting .... new moon to waning moon
planting crops.... to make this easy try and remember....
above ground... new moon to waxing moon
underground.... full moon to waning moon

And that brings us to one of my favorites!!
of course everyone who fishes knows the best times are sunrise to three hours after
and two hours before and about one hour after sundown
Best moon time to fish
when the moon is changing quarters,
the days/nights of new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon


Did you know that all lunar Holy-days are called Esbats, but any Wiccan ritual held at any time other than a Sabbat may be called an Esbat?  I didn't, and I think most Witches call rituals performed on or around a lunar holy-day an esbat, while other rituals are simply, rituals.

Due to the rotation of the earth, the Wiccan calendar contains 13 Full Moons, which means a full moon happens every 28 1/4 days.  Full Moon energy is used for banishing unwanted influences, protection and divination. A Full Moon is also a good time
for planning, releasing and working backwards in time. Full Moon Magic can be done for seven days, three days before, the day of, and three days after the full moon.

The New Moon is used for personal growth, healing, the blessing of a new project etc.

Between the New Moon and Full Moon is the phase called Waxing Moon. Magick for this phase includes attraction magick, increasing, growth, and gain. Make statements on how your life should be.

Between the Full Moon and New Moon is the phase called the Waning Moon.Magic for this phase includes banishing magick, such a loosing negative emotions, bad habits etc.

Three days before the New Moon is known as the Dark Moon, as it is not visible in the sky.  Traditionally, no magick is performed at this time. It is a time for rest.

Due to the rotation of the earth there are thirteen Full Moons, each carrying a traditional name.

  January - Wolf Moon
  February - Storm Moon
  March - Chaste Moon
  April - Seed Moon
  May - Hare Moon
  June - Dyad (pair) Moon
  July - Mead Moon
  August - Wyrt (green plant) Moon
  September - Barley Moon
  October - Blood Moon
  November - Snow Moon
  December - Oak Moon

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