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Meditation on the Moon

Choose a night of the Full Moon and light a silver candle at Gabriel's hour
(9pm). Sit where you can observe the Moon and begin to breathe quietly and
deeply, inhaling the mystic light of Her silvery rays in your imagination so
that, as you breathe out, you exhale a beautiful outpouring of white magical
radiance. See yourself and your surroundings as suffused with this light. Say
to the Moon:

Moon-Goddess, Enchantress and Mistress of the night, I pray that I might be
endued with the grace and the strength of your majesty and beauty and
enchantment of your magnetism. I experience the bliss of your peace,
tranquility and power. I hail you as Queen of Wisdom and the Receptive Soul.
All my life I shall walk in the charmed circle of your wisdom, beauty, power,
serenity and mystery. I am filled with the heavenly peace of your motherly
love, which enfolds me tenderly within the great white wings of Isis, whose
radiant presence is with me in every life situation.

Sit for a few minutes contemplating the Moon's mysteries, then bow to Her and
blow out your candle.

Waxing Moon
The Waxing Moon goes from New to Full Moon. As the Moon appears to grow as it traverses the sky, so its magnetic force draws the oceans ~ and now is the time to use your Magick to draw things to you. During this phase of the Moon, weave spells for starting new projects, healing, growth, and blessings for new ventures.When working magick under the Waxing Moon, it is said that you should begin 4 days after the New Moon, though you may start on the day after the New Moon.

Full Moon
As the Moon shines at its brightest in our night sky, it exerts the greatest influence upon our magickal workings. Spells for divination and protection are well cast at this time, as is magick on giving thanks, and decisions on changes. though I find that all types of spellcraft may be worked during this time of greatest power and energy. Spellworking may begin three days before the Full Moon, the night itself, and three days after ~ 7 days in total; though some Witches feel that the greatest power is to be drawn from the very night of the Full Moon.

Waning Moon
The Waning Moon travels the sky from the time of the Full Moon until the New Moon.  As it receeds, and appears to diminish, it is the time we may cast spells to aid in the end of unwanted situations, remove unwanted influences and energies, Finish harmful relationships and associations, and break bad habits.  It is also a time when we may weave our magick to encourage reconciliations. Begin magickal workings the 4th day after the Full Moon ~ this will once again give 7 days/nights on which to spellcraft.

New Moon
It is the time between the end of the Waning Moon and the beginning of the Waxing Moon. Now is a good time to cast Spells intended for harmony, regeneration, self-improvement and health. This phase is also useful for weaving magick concerned with love, career, and is considered the best time for planting and nurturing seeds and plants.

Dark or Black Moon
For three days before the New Moon, the Moon is not visible, and there few Witches who will perform Magick during this time as it is often seen as a time when chaos will charge your spellcraft It is often called 'Dark' or 'Black' moon. Personally, I think it is alright to weave magick at these times- but note that there is no Moon visible to encourage the strength of your spells. Be respectful of the Moon, and realise that this may be a time for you to rest and recharge yourself. Sometimes it is impossible to wait for these days to pass, and spells must be performed ~ such as healing or forgiveness magick. It is a time when you may prepare yourself for future endeavours and magick.

Black Moon
Some traditions note that the Black Moon is a time when there are TWO Dark Moons falling in one month ~ much the same as when two Full Moons are apparent in one month, the second is called a
Blue Moon.
Each Path is different, and should a Witch choose to use this terminology, then I believe that their preference is right for them.

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