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Gods & Goddesses
This is a list of Gods and Goddesses along with their
elemental direction and a general description of them. This
is merely a list containing a few of the thousands that exist.


    • e    Gaia - Earth mother, Goddess of the Earth
      e    Demeter - Goddess of grain and abundance
      e    Rhea - Mother of all deities
      e    Herne - horned God of the green wood
      e    Pan - God of joy on Earth
      e    Auriel (Uriel) - archangel of the North, keeper of
              sacred wisdom
      e    Ghob - servant of Auriel, Earth gnome, guide of
              Earth journeys
      e    Gnomes - elemental Spirits of Earth, ruled by Ghob
      e    Agla -Elemental king of Earth
  • East/Air
    • e    Danu - Goddess of creativity
    • e    Mercury - God of communication
    • e    Athena - Goddess of wisdom
    • e    Kwan Yin -Goddess of mindfulness
    • e    Budda - teacher of illumination
    • e    Nuit - Goddess of the Skies
    • e    Raphael - archangel of the East, mystic illuminator,
              star traveler
    • e    Paralda - servant of Raphael, shape changer in the
              mists of the mind
    • e    Sylphs - elemental Spirit of the Air, ruled by Paralda
    • e    Yod He Vawhe - elemental king of Air


    • e    Bridget - Goddess of the inner flame of life and creation
    • e    Pele - Goddess of purification and upheaval
    • e    Vulcan - God of the forge of faith
    • e    Mars - God of strength in conflict
    • e    Hestia - Goddess of strength in women
    • e    Michael - archangel of the south, warrior of the sacred flames
    • e    Djinn - servant of Michael, great Fire giant, for protection
    • e    Salamanders - elemental Spirits of Fire, ruled by Djinn
    • e    Adonai - elemental king of Fire


    • e    Poseidon - God of oceanic consciousness
    • e    Neptune - God of psychic flow
    • e    Isis - Goddess of rivers of life
    • e    Arianrhod - Celtic Goddess of Moon and Earth
    • e    Diana - Goddess of new moon
    • e    Selene - Goddess of full moon
    • e    Hecate - Goddess of dark moon
    • e    Gabriel - archangel of the West, angel of the moon and
              inner vision
    • e    Niksa - servant of Gabriel, fluid shape changer of inner
    • e    Eheieh - elemental king of Water

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